i just visited my grandmother for her birthday and she gave me a graduation card…this is what she said…

“Rachel this card was made especially for you, there is no other card out there like it and make sure you read what the words say and figure out what they mean.” 

this is what it said…

As You Graduate 
Somewhere deep within
is a song that plays softly 

a song of life,
and dreams, and wisdom

a call to adventure

take time to listen
to the song of your soul
and see where it leads you.. 



Today I got a lecture from my parents on responsibility, all because I left my phone in my friend’s purse. My parents are so crazy, they get angry over little things, but were totally calm when my sister skipped school.
I told them I’ll get it back on Monday, but nope. They repeated the word over and over again I practically can say it in my sleep.

Responsibility by Helen K.

Sometimes you need to make mistakes to learn from them….


I was tagged by amanda to complete this post…..

Alphabet by [martin].

A-re you single?: yup.

B-uy your own clothes?: yes, but I can only spend so much and my mom has to approve of it first.

C-an you lick your elbow?:honestly no, but I’ve come close sometimes.

D-escribe the perfect guy?: he has to be easy going, cute, smart, have a great personality(like me).

E-ver puked after a roller coaster?:nope and I hope I don’t.

F-riends with benefits are ok, right?:I’m not 100% sure about this question……..

G-ood looks are the most important thing?:yes and no it’s 50/50.

H-ave you said “I love you”, and meant it?:yes

I-s facebook your lifeline?:Nope, I don’t have a facebook

J-ealousy can be described as:usually when your jealous you end up hurting someone and what goes around comes around

K-iss and tell?: nope, but one time when I was 7 or 8 my dad’s friend was over with his son(who was younger than me by a year) and we were playing on his game boy and I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. now I’m always embarassed when I see him. 🙂

L-ife isn’t worthing if:you don’t spend it with someone you love.

M-oments you share with whom are unforgettable?:I share great memories with everyone…..

N-ever:make me mad, I’ve been told I can be a real witch sometimes…..

O-ver your latest ex?: depends on my mood….

P-erson who makes you laugh the hardest?:Jenna….never a dull moment….

Q-ueen bee in 3rd grade was:I have no idea

R-andom qoute you love: Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game…(I don’t know who wrote it……I heard it in a movie)

S-een a good movie lately?:I saw Taken….it was really good

T-he first friend you ever had was?:Jenna

U-under what circumstances would yo cheat on your (imaginary) partner?:I don’t cheat on people whether there friends or maybe more than friends.

V-ery awkward situations make you:blush and stutter

W-hat does your ideal dinner consist of?: pizza

X-boy/girlfriends are good for?:gossiping about

Y-our best advice on life is: live each moment like it’s your last because there’s no second chances.

Z-ebra print?:honestly, no I don’t wear animal print…….sorry, but I have seen it on people and it looks good with the color blue.

Alphabet All Around by BrittneyBush.

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Spring Time…..

Spring is always the perfect time for outdoor activities. The weather is usually warm and maybe a little windy. Flowers start to bloom and grass starts to grow. I always love the smell after and the lawn gets mowed. Slip-and-Slides get brought out and side walk chalk is being used. Weekends get spent outside at the baseball park where you can smell hot dogs and french-fries. Spring is unbelievable.

 Striked out! by Amin Tabrizi.

Chalk by insipidlife.


I was watching a movie with my family last night and during the end of the movie the main actress read a letter and there was a certain line/phrase or sentence that stuck out that I never noticed before.

….the brave may not live long but the cautious don’t live at all.

Basically, what I think this means is that it’s ok to take chances or make mistakes. No ones perfect and no matter how hard someone might try they will never get to it.

Strength by Dude Crush.


What type of person comes to your mind when you hear somebody talk about a “Real Hero”?” What are the qualities and who is one person you would consider to be a hero today.

The only person that comes to my mind when you say the word “hero” is Superman. He supposedly was indestructible except for kryptonite. He saved hundreds and was known world-wide. He is my perfect idea of a “hero”.   

Falling Heroes by Pensiero.

Some qualities would be:
~super strong
~completely indestructible

In my opinion there is no one I would consider to be a “hero”. As we know there is nothing that is 100% indestructible. There is no one that can fly or be able to lift 15 tons. I wish there was someone we can call a hero. Someone we could look up in the sky to and start cheering or chanting their name………. unfortunately not.
But maybe there’s a hero in all of us?


Have you ever felt like no one knew you were there. That you were just some wasted space. You might say something, but no one listens. Well today that’s how I felt. I got home from school and my family was rushing around cleaning and setting up for some big dinner party. No one was even concerned that I was home. I just went straight to cleaning. My parents weren’t exactly “in-the-mood” as long as things were perfect for their guests. So I went along with everything just so I wouldn’t get in trouble. And it all ended with nothing, no thank you or apology for getting frustrated. I did everything they asked and in return I got nothing.

Shadow by Rickydavid.

 It was just one of those days.

The Great Outdoors!!!=)

My cousin, my sister, and I went camping!!!!! In our backyard. It was hilarious we were singing songs around a bonfire while rousting marsh mellows. We told scary stories and finally went to bed, but my dad thought it was be funny to shake the tent and scare us while we sleeping, so we all screamed and the neighbors complained. Other than that we had a great time, but we were sore from sleeping on the ground. It’s amazing how much fun we had.

Night of the Cranes by Fort Photo


This weeks blog challenge was to write about colors? Check out this blog!
My favorite color or colors would be the rainbow. It’s a mixture of every color know to man. And the way they combined makes me want to laugh or cry. It’s a beautiful creation by god. When I see it nothing else matters. Even if it’s only for two seconds for those two seconds I feel happy and refreshed. Those two seconds make a huge difference. Nothing is more breathless than a beautiful rainbow right after it rains and the sun shines through the clouds.

Rainbow by macropoulos.       Paint Your Rainbow by SheWatchedTheSky.


Do you think the United States government should become more or less “democratic?” I think the government should become more democratic because no one knows the United States better than its people.
We know what we need to improve or how to change things. But if we become too democratic than that might lead to future problems such as fighting over positions or changes that need to be made.